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September 20, 2007


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Jane Finnis

That's terrific, Mary Anna, many congratulations! It's wonderful to know that schools are using good modern mysteries like yours for teaching - and not just literature, but science and maths too. And I like your friend's advice - ride all the rides. Go for it!

Liz Clifford

Sounds great! I recently gave a talk at the local library on 12 authors that I thought the audience should know about (you were among them) and was asked by a librarian which ones would be good for YA. You were at the top of the list. Good topics and issues dealt with in an interesting, educational, and non-graphic manner by a strong female character. Good for teens and adults. Keep them coming!


I'm late in responding to your comments, Jane and Liz. I've been riding all the rides. :-) I appreciate your words of encouragement. And thanks, Liz for recommending my books! That really means a lot to a writer.

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