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July 22, 2008


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Helen Ginger

And I thought I had it bad when our resident squirrel races across the roof. I did not need to read this today. In about an hour our insurance guy comes out to check the hail damage on our roof!


I'm no longer complaining about the squirrels. I have a family of three who jump from a nearby birch onto the roof. I used to think they sounded like elephants, but now I know what elephants sound like.

Good luck with your insurance man, Helen.

Jane Finnis

We've got seagulls nesting on our roof - when we first saw them building, we thought this would be rather nice, but their incessant calling has become a pain. They are rearing chicks which, though enormous, haven't all learnt to fly yet, so the parent gulls fly about the garden warning all intruders off, and dive-bombing us and our dogs when we get too close to the house, (which or course happens rather often!) The younger dog thinks this is great sport, but the rest of us are fed up with it! I used to like the cries of seagulls...no way will we let them nest there next year! If anyone has any fingers as yet uncrossed re rain and insurance claims, please cross them now for the pesky things to fly away soon!

Margaret Howland

I've done it -- avoided getting to work on sending out letters for the next Left Coast Crime (on the Big Island of Hawaii next March -- www.leftcoastcrime.org/2009 for those of you who aren't paying strict attention) by reading "Elephants on the roof" -- and having a lovely time, Carola. Oh, I well remember when we had our roof replaced. I'm sure somewhere there's someone who took off a roof and it didn't rain, but I've never met that person.

Jackie Griffey

Carola, I'm impressed! But do stick to writing (selfish reasons-ha! Looking forward to reading The Bloody Tower)
Best always,

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