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July 21, 2008


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Helen Ginger

Dani is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about blog book tours, it's hard not to catch her "fever." I'm not sure when she finds time to sleep, though!

Thanks for the interview -- informative and fun.


Notice how Ann weasled out of a firm commitment about the blog book tour? LOL. Just a quick note that I'll be on a roadtrip on Tuesday, so if I'm slow approving new members to the Yahoo!Group, hang tough. I'll be back late tonight. Thanks, Ann. Say hi to Inez for me. Would love to know what kind of stockings she wears when it's 100 degrees outside.

Maryann Miller

Great interview and very helpful for someone like me who is standing at the edge of the high dive getting ready to jump. :-)

Thanks, Dani, for all the expertise you share.

Jane Finnis

What a lovely interview, and stacks of useful information there too. Thanks to both of you!


Dani is the best! She helped me with my first tour and I am learning many things from her...including the fine art of Tweeting! :-)


Glad you all enjoyed the interview. I did too! And all this tweeting and twooting and whatever ... I have a lot to learn ...
Stockings when it's 100 degrees?? Luckily, it's a rare day in Leadville that reaches those temps!
Am packing frantically for my metamorphosis into "camp counselor" tomorrow... Wish me luck!

Stop Struggling and Start Living

I am absolutely delighted to learn of this very creative method of promoting a book. I have no doubt that the Internet is the way to go, especially since the publishing industry shows severe symptoms of being broken lately. True or false, unless you already have a big name, promotion seems to be the task of the author these days. Thank you for a very enlightening, informative and inspiring discussion of how we authors can take control of our publishing/writing futures. To date, I have written two books on my own and co-authored a third – the latter is a very ambitious project, to say the least – but I thought to let you know that discovering blogbooktours has given me much hope.
Many thanks!
Elfreda Pretorius

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