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May 04, 2009


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Sheila Deeth

I hope Claire's being careful who she talks to. Seems like she's taking an awful risk telling so much to this reporter, and after all the trouble she's just been through. She sounds a wonderful woman - just hope she's okay. (I guess I'll have to read to find out.)

Dani Greer

Great post and angle. Oh, you kids are getting more clever all the time! Will make the BBT class come over here and comment and go tweet about you!



Jean Henry Mead

Intriguing story. Can't wait to read the series.

Karen Brees

I like the interview angle. Puts the reader right into the story.

Gayle Carline

What a fun read, Beth! I can tell from the voice that I want to pick up this book.


Philip McCormac

It all sounds so real I forgot for a moment I was reading fiction.
I need to know what happens next.


I'd love to know how Roger feels about Claire going after another killer.

Is he cheering you on, Claire?


I love the idea of interviewing the character. Makes me want to get the book and read it! Great job.
Karen Walker

K. A. Laity

Terrific and fun idea! I love getting a little more out of a character than they may have intended.


Jina Bacarr

What a fun, intriguing way to start my day!! I so enjoyed reading Claire's interview over my morning coffee. I feel like I know her already...and definitely want to know more about her and what happens next.

Great job, Beth!

Elizabeth Spann Craig

Love the clever idea for the book summary and the teaser at the end of the interview. The way she was murdered was pretty cool, too.


Beth Groundwater

Philip asked: "I'd love to know how Roger feels about Claire going after another killer. Is he cheering you on, Claire?"

Roger's never been too keen about me getting involved in murder investigations, which I fear this may turn into. He was so worried about my safety when I did some snooping to find clues about who really killed Enrique. I'm sure he'll try to talk me out of looking into Stephanie's "accident," hoping to protect me, but I'm more worried about protecting Judy!

I know Roger's going to want some of that one-on-one time we had hoped to have on this vacation, and I do, too. I know we need it.

Deb Buckingham

I am so anxious to read this book...The first one was fabulous!

Enid Wilson

Very interesting post. Claire sounds a bit hyper to me. I wonder how she fares during police interview...


Dani Greer

I want to ask Claire if the apartment building in the first novel is on Boulder St. When I visit my parents in COS, and I drive past that dump, it just SO fits the description!


K.B. Keilbach

Very innovative and informative interview. Can't wait to see what Claire does next.


Elle Parker

Interesting concept, it's a cool way to bring a reader into the story

Elle Parker

Jane Kennedy Sutton

I really enjoyed the post. What a clever way to make your characters come alive!

Jane Kennedy Sutton

Patricia Stoltey

Great interview, Ina. You did a good job of getting information without invading Claire's privacy.


Jennifer Taggart, TheSmartMama

Great idea to involve and intrigue the readers! Though I think Claire gave up a little bit too much to the reporters. . .

NA Sharpe

Love the interview idea - totally immerses you in the story. Now I want more... Definitely need to check this book out! GREAT job!!!

NA Sharpe

Jen Forbus

This interview definitely sounds like Claire! Cute. Very cute!

Beth Groundwater

This is an answer to Dani's question about the apartment building mentioned in A REAL BASKET CASE where I tried out my breaking and entering skills to look for clues. I don't want to insult any people who currently live in that apartment building, because author Beth Groundwater wasn't very kind in her description of it. There's more than one building that fits the general description, as does the one you mentioned, but I'm not going to say if you nailed it. Sorry!

Now, where is Judy? It's about time for dinner and she's not home yet.
- Claire

Linda Reilly

Claire, I only read about your first venture into the world of mayhem and murder last week, so I'm behind the times! (Oh, but how brave you were to endure hiding under that drug dealer's bed with the spiders and other...unmentionables!) I can't wait to read about your next crime-solving adventure ~

Alan Chin

You certainly captured my attention and held it. Very intriguing. I love the idea of the interview. Not something I see often.

Best of luck with it,

Alan Chin

Heidi M. Thomas

Beth, wonderfully entertaining post. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it does make me want to read the book! Good job.


Alexis Grant

Very clever! Keep it up!

Beth Groundwater

Thanks for the compliments, folks! As you can tell, Claire and I are good friends and I enjoy writing her stories. :)
- Beth

Holly Y

Oh Claire! I've read about ski accidents all my life. Who would have thought one of them could be murder! Please very careful. I see a dangerous ride down the slopes in your immediate future!
Holly Y


Well, Beth, uh, Claire ... you've got a whole lot of folks intrigued by your latest adventure! All I'll say is, be careful in your sleuthing! ;-)


Fantastic idea! Interviews with characters in one's fiction novel... cool. You presented this interview in a VERY captivating style, too. Well done, Beth :-)

All success

Donna S

Great interview. I cant wait to read more of Claire's story.


Thanks for dropping in Beth/Claire. A very interesting post indeed!


It is very kind of you to answer questions, Claire :-)

I can understand that Judy doesn't want to leave her boyfriend now, especially as his sister just died... and you believe she was killed. Even more horrible.
You could though try that angle to get her out of there, perhaps Stephanie's family would like to mourn alone? Girlfriends and boyfriends aren't much of help in that situation sometimes.

You said that you couldn't keep up with the girls, was Judy there to see what happened with Stephanie?

Also, I do hope Judy got back home on Monday... and Tuesday too... and today as well. I truly hope she'll be safe. Of course, one cannot protect one's children but one sure tries and worries... the rest of their lives. So you have all my sympathy :-)



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