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July 22, 2009


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Diane Elmore

Me thinks that Rhys be a wee bit tired.
Book tour AND grandkids?? Whew, hand the lady some energy tonic (or maybe we should make that a gin & tonic)!

Rhys Bowen

Please no gin and tonic. That would be the straw that made me keel over and fall asleep.
Another bookstore tonight, then off to Florida next week!


I replied to her "Because I am God and in my world I have obliterated the youth hostel."

OMG, I just snorted milk all over the computer screen. Genuis!

vicki delany

I've often thought that historicaly mystery novels should be read in high school rather than text books. As Rhys said, that brings history alive, and also show a bit about how real people live. Textbooks are usually about so-called-great men and their wars.


History was my favorite in school.
I still love it. I think that is part of my attraction to the Molly and Lady Georgie series.
Poor Rhys, so tired. Just stay a couple of extra days in Florida and relax on the beach.

Miranda Neville

Great post and love the bit about the train. I once found myself looking up an 1818 almanac to find out when the full moon fell. I was about to chang my plot when it didn't fall on the right day for my timeline. Then I realized I was going mad. Who would ever notice, and if they did would they care?

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