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July 27, 2009


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Rhys Bowen

Society didn't really change completely until after WW2, Jane. In the 1930 British cencus, the biggest occupation ctaegory was still domestic servant.

And I don't think it mattered if you were an officer or not in WW1. They were all in the trenches together.

The one thing I hadn't realized until recently was that the mud was sometimes 15 feet deep. Men literally drowned in it. Horrible!

Jane Finnis

For the very top people (like the royals, including your Georgie!) I agree things didn't change overnight, but for most of the officer class I think changes were happening all the same, and were observable. Votes for women, the General Strike, the 1929 crash, were straws in the wind. If the Depression and WW2 hadn't come along, they'd have taken much longer. And I didn't mean to suggest the junior officers didn't suffer along with their men; they certainly did, you can see it in what they wrote. Not so sure about the senior ones behind the lines...


I believe that proportionally more junior officers died than any other rank (can't, of course, remember where I got that snippet).

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