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November 24, 2009


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Rhys Bowen

I don't think I could spend a whole book with a character I didn't like or at least understand.
But when other people write them, I am sometimes fascinated enough to keep on going. Take Mystic River. I didn't like any of those people, but it was a goode book. And Hanibal Lechter--he's a fascinating character, isn't he?
But I have to feel comfortable spending time with my protoganonist. That doesn't always mean they behave in a way I'd approve of!


I regularly quit books partway through if I can't care about the main characters. And they can't be too deeply flawed. Sometimes even if they're just too selfish or self absorbed, I can't finish the book... especially if they don't have any sense of humor about themselves. I can tolerate a weak plot if I care about the characters.


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