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July 25, 2010


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And then there are all the minor characters who need names...and the fun ways to come up with those! ;-)

Mary Anna

That's right, Michele. I believe I killed you...


Camille Minichino

Love the idea of revisiting "abandoned names" -- Now I wonder what my parents discarded?

Mysti Berry

I must confess to venting some frustration by naming a character after someone who was, well, frustrating.

Well disguised, of course. No need to go hurting people's feelings ;)

I have a tin ear for names, but am hoping to improve ;)


Oooh, I'll bet we've all taken the "sneaky, well-disguised" name route when faced with naming villains and other "unpleasant" characters... :-)
Love the story of how you came up w/the names of your main characters, Mary Anna. So, you didn't have family members clamoring to be included? If so, how did you handle that?

Mary Anna

At first, I didn't plan to name any characters after family members. Then the sheriff in ARTIFACTS told me that his name was a common variant of my son's name, and there was no arguing with him.

I used a goofball variant of my younger daughter's name in RELICS. This turned out to be a mistake, since that is not a recurring character, but my son's character is. So in the current work-in-progress, PLUNDER, I've given an important character who will recur a very elegant variant of her name.

And my other daughter has a tiny part, beginning in EFFIGIES, that recurs and grows bigger. She's very important in the upcoming book, STRANGERS. And another character appears momentarily in STRANGERS, but he will recur in an important role, so I gave him my son's actual name.

Confused? Then I won't even talk about the way I've started naming secondary characters after assorted friends, just because I can...

Priscilla Royal

I like the idea of having characters who come when you call them! Wish mine were that well-behaved!

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