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July 11, 2010


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Mysti Berry

Dark chocolate is my favorite! I can have a diet-friendly amount and still be totally satisfied.


I've also wondered how people determined which foods were edible or how to best prepare them. Think of how much trial and error was involved in determing which mushrooms weren't poisonous. After the first guy died from eating a mushroom, I'd mark them off limits and go find something else to eat. But I'm sure glad someone figured out how to make chocolate!

Mary Anna

Mysti and Staci, I figure there are a lot of people in the world like us. Therefore, I bought stock in Hershey's and put it in my IRA. And I gave my archaeologist character Faye Longchamp my passion for Hershey bars. While lurking in a convenience store in ARTIFACTS, trying not to be seen by someone she's avoiding,

Faye peruses the Hershey wrappers and comes up with the very mathematics I described above--it would take a very devoted chocolate eater to get her daily calcium requirements from Hershey bars alone, but it can be done. And I, for one, may someday try it.

Camille Minichino

12 Hershey bars? Is that all?

Cindy Sample

I can't imagine a day without my primary antioxidant - dark chocolate. I attribute my excellent HDL cholesterol count to my daily quota of organic (see it must be healthy) dark chocolate.


Dark chocolate is my fave too! I love See's Candies. :-)
And concerning "food experimentation," I've often wondered about tomatoes (leaves and stems = poisonous) and potatoes (ditto) ... How was it determined what would kill you vs what would sustain you? Trial and error with long-ago and unlucky prisoners, maybe?

Mary Anna

When I first met Ann, she had a box of See's Chocolates in her hand. :)


A *daily* Hershey bar fix?! Impressive!

Susan C Shea

Isn't it a great question: who figured out...(about foods). I'll add one: who figured out that coffee would fetch $125/lb if you retrieved the berries from civet poop and THEN roasted them?! Good blog.

Mary Anna

Yes, Michelle, daily. Now you know my deep, dark (brown and luscious) secret.

If chocolate truly keeps your arteries reamed out, I shall live forever.

I'm not even touching the civet poop comment. I'm just going to let it lay there and look at me. Eeewwwwwww....

nursing PJs

When I walked into the room, despite my mom's physical body lying on the bed, it was incredibly obvious that she was gone

Priscilla Royal

What about artichokes? I'd never get past the spines on the leaves. Mind you, true or not, I love the story about chocolate arriving in Spain from the New World with less than major enthusiasm--until the court ladies discovered it...

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