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August 08, 2010


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The Rockford Files was a great show! Not only was James Garner fantastic, but the show itself was a good blend of humor and action, something that works well in mystery books too.

Mary Anna

Yes, and I appreciated the fact that Rockford wasn't a smooth and perfect private eye. He made mistakes. He got hurt. He was serious about collecting his money. I liked that note of realism, although the show was generally about escapism...and eye candy. ;-)

Susan C Shea

I've just set a goal of watching crime t.v. shows, not for this blog (altho that will help me think of something to write) but because I realize I've drifted into reading mostly crime written by women - in some measure because I'm so insanely lucky as to know a lot of you. Thought I'd better see what's going on with the guys, and that includes t.v. detectives and other crime solvers. More later....

Darlyn Finch

If they make a tv show with Faye and Joe, I'll START watching tv.

Priscilla Royal

OK so I date from the Perry Mason era which I watched with my father. But my fav as an adult was The Avengers. I had a mad crush on Diana Rigg's car...Anyone watch the Wire? If so, thoughts?

Mary Anna

From your lips to God's ears, Darlyn. :)

Camille Minichino

Geesh -- am I the only writer who watches LOTS of current TV crime dramas?
When there's an hour without a crime drama, I fill in with reruns of Hack with David Morse (talk about eye candy, ear candy ... ).

I have my favorites, like Dexter and Dark Blue, and I'll try all the new ones that start this fall. I'm still assessing Covert Affairs and Rubicon. Covert is a little too lite; Rubicon moves a little too slowly, kind of an anti-Flashpoint.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about??

Susan C Shea

"The Wire"? Can't say enough in its praise, Priscilla. The complexities of the human psyche, the frightening degree to which chance and poverty determine the odds of a life of crime, the ways in which the 'haves' prey upon the have-nots at least as much as the reverse...I watched them on DVD since I don't have HBO, and I could scarcely wait for the next disc. Hard to watch, impossible (for me) not to. Others?


The Avengers!! Yes!! :-D
Priscilla: I'm another one who watched The Avengers avidly... I thought Diana Rigg was so cool. And she wore PANTS! (This was back "in the day" when school dress code for girls was skirts and dresses. Pants would get you sent home, pronto.)

Mysti Berry

There is an inverse relationship between the amount of tv I watch and the amount of writing I get done -- don't feel bad!

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