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October 17, 2010


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Mason Canyon

Love the song. It's fun when two loves come together and combine for a great result like you did.

Thoughts in Progress


I still play the CD from A Merry Band of Murderers frequently. Your song is one of the most haunting.

I love how in some television shows the music, esp. lyrics, so perfectly match the tone of the show.

Mary Anna

Thanks, Mason and Jody. My daughter and I listened to that CD in the car until we memorized everyone's songs. She was maybe twelve at the time, so the slightly racy lyrics to Tom Corcoran's "Bone Island Mambo" were a little disconcerting coming out of that sweet little blue-eyed face. LOL.

I thought it was an eclectic mix of great songs that really gelled as an album, and I was proud to be part of it.

Camille Minichino

I can write in the middle of Times Square on New Year's Eve, but I can't concentrate one minute with music being piped into my ears in my immediate vicinity.

What's the difference? Maybe because with music, I'm trying to pay attention and hum along, whereas other noise is simply background.


I love having music in the background while I write.... I guess for me it's like a "carrier signal" that helps bring the words from the recesses of my brain to the electronic page. :-)
And Mary Anna, this is also one of my fave topics! I'm no musician, but was raised in a house filled with music: My mother, father, and one brother were/are musicians to various degrees.
Your children are lucky to have such a talented mother!

Mysti Berry

I am in awe of people who can sing the notes they choose, much less write songs. Maybe in my next life.

Like you, silence works best for me, thought it's in very short supply in San Francisco. I went to my alma mater library during a break weekend and found my output doubled in the delicious silence (when school is in session, it's a different story!).
Hoping I can find your CD!

Salam Tims

I find that music sometimes helps writing -- as long as it is purely instrumental...

Mary Anna

I think the preference (or lack thereof) for music while writing is interesting and very individual. Some people can filter it out. Some people need the distraction of music in order to leave the real world behind. Some people can deal with the music but not the words. Doesn't it make you wish you could crawl inside somebody else's head to see how they think?

Oh, wait. That's what fiction writers do. We just restrict ourselves to the insides of our imaginary characters' heads. :)


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