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October 19, 2010


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Camille Minichino

What an interesting journey for that thread, Priscilla!

Susan C Shea

I saw that production of The Play of Daniel too. The Cal emeritus faculty member who produced it is, in fact, a friendly acquaintance. I'll let him know about your upcoming book - I'm sure he'll be interested, as will I.

Mysti Berry

Looking forward to the new book!

One of my linguistics profs said they thought that Greek might have originally been a tone language (?!), and their plays might have more music in them than we usually think.

Hearing that liturgical dramas also use music, it's clear that we all love a little night music :)

Priscilla Royal

And if that is Dunbar Ogden, Susan, please tell him how much I enjoyed his book, The Staging of Drama in the Medievel Church.


Roaring off-stage lions?? Hmmm... I sense a grisly (fictional) death is imminent. ;-)
Can't wait for your next book, Priscilla!

Priscilla Royal

The two resident cats remained hopeful during the writing, Ann, but they have illusions of being sabertooths (teeths?)and would prefer that I write of an earlier time when they might figure more prominently.

Margaret Lucke

I do think that any event that combines a story line, music, and roaring lions definitely counts as obligatory research! Best of luck with the new book.

Susan C Shea

Priscilla - it is and I will!

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