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April 07, 2011


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As an artist who's trying to break into writing, this makes total sense to me.

I see things visually first and foremost, and when a book is great I often can't remember if I read it or saw it as a movie -- because I was able to visualize it that clearly. I'm trying to write my stories so that people can visualize them the same way :)

Camille Minichino

What a satisfying read, Dale. Your ability to explain your process makes me think you could write a word novel, too!

Margaret Lucke

Enjoyed the sample, Dale! Thank you.

I think of myself as a visual storyteller too. To me the best books are ones that let me see the story on my mental movie screen. I admire someone who can do a fine job of putting both the story and the actual pictures on paper.

Dale W. Berry

Thank you all for letting me visit, it was a pleasure to be invited! It's reassuring to know just how much writers visualize (in) their work...I guess Expression is Expression is Expression after all? :)

Susan C Shea

Seeing storytelling from another perspective is a treat. I had never thought of it, but I think you're right: Writing "Ten thousand horsemen came over the hill” IS easier than drawing ten thousand horsemen. I wonder if you get an idea like that and say, "Nah, can't use it. How about a single horseman of the Apocalypse instead?" Thanks for the guest post, Dale!

Dale W. Berry

*lol* Sometimes, it depends on the deadline...! :)

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