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April 30, 2011


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Whoa! What a story, Mysti! I could feel the isolation and cold breath of a Montana snow... brrr. Coffee required to recover.
I also have a "lost road" story: looking for "The Boulevard" that stretched between Leadville and Soda Springs. I also drove a rented car down a mere "memory of a road," but stopped short, turned around while I still could (large boulders in the road insisted, in any case), and contented myself with using Google maps to trace its former existence.
Summary: You are a far braver woman that I!

Susan C Shea

Chilling story, Mysti, and you're one clever person to figure out how to get out of the jam you were in. Next time, do listen to Dale even if your misadventure makes a great basis for a story.

Mysti Berry

At least I didn't have to wrestle with altitude sickness at the same time :)

The line between brave and foolhardy has always been confused in my family!

Sure glad you made it back!!!

Mysti Berry

Susan, too right! He kept saying "You're going to the *badlands*." Now when he gets that look, I listen!


LOVE this post. These days the thing that drives me is Kash and right now, he's mostly driving me crazy.

Camille Minichino

I'll stick to traffic in Times Square, now I'm sure of it!
Thanks for the well-told tale though.

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