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April 29, 2011


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Great blog, Carole and very inspiring! It shows that a writer should never give up in their efforts to get published. Congratulations on your success!

Diana Orgain

Great Post Carole - thank you for joining us today!


You are the epitome of persistence... one of the most valuable traits a writer can have! Congrats on the sale, and looking forward to Twisted Vines and the sequel. Forward!! :-)


What a lovely way to start the weekend! Thanks for sharing!

I went to high school in Livergulch (well, to be perfectly honest, failed to go to high school there!). I suspect it's changed a lot since 1979 :)

Looking forward to reading about wine & the Bard soon!

Carole Price

Thanks everyone for your comments to my first ever blog . Mysti, the name Livergulch might be a little harder to swallow than Livermore (...moron).

Carla DeLauder

Hello, everyone! I'm Carla, Carole's daughter. I'm so proud of you, mom, and your great book. Too bad you're working as a police volunteer at the wine festival this weekend ... you should be out there sampling the wine in celebration of your first book contract! I'll be sure to double up on your behalf, okay? :)

penny warner

Congratulations, Carole!
You have the perfect background to be a mystery writer! And boy have you paid your dues!
Welcome aboard. Can't wait to read the whole series!

Colleen Casey

Congratulations, Carole! What a great story... your road to publication sounds like it would be a great novel in and of itself. And volunteering with the police department, what a great idea! I'm sure it generates a lot of great story lines, as well as contributes to the accuracy of your story. How does one go about volunteering for that kind of thing?

Carole Price

Thanks, Penny, for your comments. You've been a huge inspiration for getting Twisted Vines recognized. I'll be forever grateful.

Carla expects to have my website completed this weekend. Check it out.

Carole Price

Colleen, I have something similar banging around in my head....maybe for a short story.

I graduated from Livermore's Citizen Police Academy in 2003, eighteen weeks of education and fun. I'm fully backgrounded because I have access inside the police station, but if you just want to work at events, i.e., the wine festival, you can do that too. I love it!

Camille Minichino

I can't believe I missed the day our Most Honored Guest was here! I could hardly contain myself when I heard about your contract and I hope to be one of the first at your signings! Congratulations.

Carole Price

Camille, thanks so much. I thought I'd misread the email when Five Star offered me a contract. I would love to do a book signing with you. I only wish the tentative pub date wasn't so far off. Thanks again!

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