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April 28, 2011


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Wow, that was a great summary. People paying McKee hundreds of dollars should just read this post :)

One of my screenwriting profs, Kirk Ellis, talks about suspense vs. anticipation--we want to KNOW that something is bound to happen (anticipation), but NOT KNOW *what* exactly it is (tension? suspense?)...so in every sequence we're trying to fool the reader a little bit, and clue them in a little bit, and hope and pray that the clue doesn't spoil the foolin'...

Thanks for getting my brain into DRIVE !!!!!


Ideas also come to me while driving...A dangerous time, because grabbing a gas receipt and trying to scribble something on it while still in motion is, well, you get the point.

Diana Orgain

Mysti - great tip - thanks for sharing. Ann - scary! You need a voice recorder to talk into! I used to work with a lady that would actually fill notebooks while she drove - frightening!

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