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August 25, 2011


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What wonderful sketches from Punch and a nice list of resource material.


Hi Liz! I have even *more* resources, but decided to limited to a favorite few. :-) Another way to get a handle on the idioms of the era is to read the newspapers and popular literature from the timeframe. I love the Punch cartoon as well! I'm just surprised that with "eyes downcast" there aren't eyeballs rolling along the floor...

Margaret Lucke

Love the Punch cartoon! Not just cliches but amusing visual puns as well.


Hi Margaret! Fun, and very clever. :-)

Susan C Shea

Ann, You are a resource-full writer! I admire all of you who write historical mysteries. So easy to put a foot wrong, er, to come unglued, um- oh damn. I'm snarled in cliches!


HA! Susan, I know what you mean: "snarled in cliches." In fact, I should have that made up into a t-shirt to wear! I like it! :-}

Camille Minichino

Love the cartoon! I didn't know there was funny stuff back then.


I'm now afraid to write "flung" or "tossed" now :)

Thanks Ann!


Hi Camille: Plenty of funny stuff back then. Mark Twain, political cartoons of all stripes... and apparently plenty of popular literature! :-)


Hi Mysti:
Yep, same for me, as well as "she disappeared through the door..."
I just realized looking at the cartoon: There's a Volume 1 and a Volume 3, but I'm not seeing a Volume 2 (? maybe it *also* disappeared through the door!).

Camille Minichino

I know I would be able to follow the tech manuals you write, Mysti.

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