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August 22, 2011


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Camille Minichino

I'm trying to think of an original way to say So Well Put. Maybe with caps, it's not a cliche.

Thanks for the excellent explanation of why cliches come trippingly out in the first draft, and how some of them hide during the editing phase. You've got me wondering if readers would be uncomfortable with 95000 words of original phrases! Maybe cliches are necessary.

Mary Anna Evans

Actually, that wouldn't be a bad title for a book...Ninety-five Thousand Words of Original Phrases. ;)

Camille Minichino

A book, or a drinking song.

Mary Anna Evans

Ahahahaha! At the next Bouchercon, we Ladykillers and our writer friends should gather in the bar and play that game. When anyone utters a cliche, we all have to drink a shot. I love it.

Susan C Shea

Mary Anna, I cringe when one of my writing group members points out a cliche I've used. They do creep in, at least for me, unnoticed. As you say, someone who considers herself or himself a creative writer should be able to do better. Good point and good post! for once, I'm glad I can't go to Bcon - I worry I'd be buying multiple rounds of drinks in the bar!


Better are cliche than text abbreviations--which require me to search online to find out ":)" is a happy face.

Mary Anna Evans

I'll use a few of the more common abbreviations, like LOL and that :) you love so well, Liz. If I do anything fancier than that, I feel like somebody's mother who is trying to be cool...which I guess is what I am.



Your comment on how the brain happily uses its well-worn paths was great. Now I have an explanation for using the same word far too many times in one page! I also chuckled over googling a phrase. As for drinking a shot after each cliche, Mary Anna, it's a good thing I will not be at B'con or you'd all be drunk after I uttered one Jamesian sentence!

Mary Anna

My 15-year-old has started pointing it out when I latch onto a word and say it too often. Recently, it was "overt." There are many, many well-worn paths between these two ears.

Alas, but one cliche would probably be enough to get me drunk. I am the cheapest of dates.

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