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August 27, 2011


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HI Staci! :-) Like you, if I read a cliched character who has an interesting twist, I like it. I think some of my response has to do with "how seriously" the character is treated. If it's a serious book, with a serious plot, then I roll my eyes. Humorous books provide me more leeway to "go with the flow." :-)


Stock characters are a given in fiction, and look what Shakespeare did with them, just as one example. It isn't the "stock" so much as what the author does with him/her. I want the twists, preferably with some humor, but I confess I can only take so much "yet one more buxom blonde". Could I please have a redhead or brunette pleasssseee!


Sounds like we're all in agreement -- stock characters are okay as long as the author brings something new to that character.

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