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August 29, 2011


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Susan C Shea

Well, they're nice daydreams at any rate! My take (tomorrow) is something like yours. Makes me wonder if we have we lost the capacity we had as kids to let our imaginations run wild?


Please do stay yourself! No one else could do it with even half the panache you do!

Camille Minichino

Nice, Michael.

My book club is reading "I AM NOT A COP" now, and later this year "Windy City Knights" -- we think you're great at being you.


... and I love the cover art! :-) Soon as the book is available, I'm buying to add to my permanent collection!

Michael A. Black

Thanks, ladies. I appreciate the kind words and the sentiment behind them. In a way this whole topic kind of reminds me of that old Sammy Davis Jr. song. "I've Got to Be Me"--- Words we all have to live by, for better or worse. Take care.

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