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August 11, 2011


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Camille Minichino

Oh, no, I really like Christine! I just met her and now she's gone. What a way to entice us to grab the series, Mara. Thanks so much for visiting.


It hardly seems fair that one of the good guys loses no matter how stupid. Novels are for getting rid of extraneous bad guys. Will Christine reappear like Holmes?


Wow! That's a humdinger of an opening for a book. And I agree with Camille and Liz: You set Christine up as a very appealing character, and dang, I hate to see her come and go so quickly. I must say I've know lots of people like her: smart, but ignorant in "the ways of the heart." Looking forward to reading your book!

Heather Haven

Wow! Talk about ratcheting up the risks from the git-go! And the protagonist dies right away but her journey is far from over? This is a must read. I can't wait. On my list.

Margaret Lucke

Welcome, Mara!

A key line in your post is "...the thing she does can be stupid—but not from her perspective..." Even the smartest and best of characters has blind spots and fears. Also, smart and stupid are subjective. There are several kinds of intelligence, and what seems smart to one person may strike someone else as stupid.

I'm looking forward making Christine's acquaintance!

Alice Trego

I loved reading this, Mara! After you've introduced Christine to me, telling me about her foibles of listening to her head rather than her heart and what happens next, I am out the door to get this book next month!


Susan C Shea

Obviously, you're a wonderful storyteller, Mara. You have us eating out of your hand already. I'm intrigued to see how you knit the basic character into the full plot and how a character can still have a redemptive arc after she dies.

Lenore Hotchkiss

There's nothing like putting readers on edge at the very beginning of the book and then killing off a compelling character immediately! I hope to see Chris again somewhere and somehow. Great job, Mara!

Donis Casey

"What the Heart Knows" is a fantastic opening to a fantastic series, full of people who you really want to spend time with.

Denise Barney

If smart characaters didn't do stupid things, stories would be short and dull. :) I also find it reassuring to see someone else, even if fictional, make a dumb decision. Or I feel superior because, of course, I would never do anything that stupid.


Mara, what you say about Christine's flaw in not listening to her intuition (or her heart) is such a crucial lesson, not only in a story but in real life. I've just finished reading Gavin de Becker's THE GIFT OF FEAR, which addresses this topic in terms of the violence in our world and how to develop good survival skills. This is a non-fiction book, but it would be very good reading for all mystery writers (thrillers too) because de Becker's describes the way the criminal mind works via established and predictable patterns.

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