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August 30, 2011


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Susan, if Elvis rings the doorbell now, don't answer!

I am sometimes frustrated that I haven't done any of the grand things I wanted to in childhood--be an astronaut, unlock the key of dolphin communication, etc. But you know what? It turns out that there are women who do those things much better than I might have. Now I'm just hoping to get to Paris before I'm too old to enjoy it :)

Susan C Shea

Mysti, On the other hand, if I'm in Vegas and Elvis rings the doorbell....Fortunately, Paris is within your grasp. Just ask Cara Black! And you don't have to be someone else to have the experience.

Terry Shames

Susan, you've done a lot!

I once ran across a question of who I would be for a day. That was easy. My answer? The Mailman--Carl Malone, spectacular basketball player for the Utah Jazz. That would mean I could have the experience of being African American, a man, and a top-notch athlete all in one--none of which I could ever be in real life.

Susan C Shea

Terry, I like the way you think outside the box. I might choose Walt "Clyde" Frasier or Earl "The Pearl" Monroe, a couple of fast-moving, fast-talking guards who slipped under the basket while the big guys were facing off and waiting for the ball above them! That dates me, doesn't it? I'd better study the current crop of point guards.......


One of the fun parts of writing is getting to create people who do all sorts of things that the author might find intriging but for various reasons shouldn't/can't/won't! But none of my characters will ever get on an airplane either...

Susan C Shea

Priscilla, You're so right. This topic is a good one for vicarious detectives, heroines, and villains, which, to some extent, we are since we play all the parts. No, I'd be amazed if airplanes crept into your books! Maybe a new series though

Michael A. Black

Speaking of the King, I caught this cool little movie called "Lonely Street," which features a guy named "Mr. Aron" who's a dead ringer for Elvis. It has a bit of gross humor in it, but if you're an Elvis fan, don't miss it. And you're right, if you're in Vegas Elvis probably will be ringing a doorbell somewhere.

Susan C Shea

Thanks, Michael. I was an eternally devoted van at age 12, somewhat at 13 and completely over the King by 14. But I had told my sweetheart about my early crush and when some magazine sis a hologram cover of an early Elvis pooching his sultry lips in a kiss, Tim framed it for me and it's right here in front of my writing space reminding me of both of my great loves!

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