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September 17, 2011


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Ann Parker

Hi Mysti! -- You've captured the "Spirit of St. Louis" perfectly. :-)


Thanks Ann! I'm so excited about the genre and the process again ;)

Terry Shames

Thank you for giving a little whiff of B'con magic (and I don't mean the ghostly aura). I didn't realize how much I would miss being there, and having tidbits posted gives me a lift. Next year in Cleveland!


I just gave them my check for next year, when I should hopefully be published. Opening ceremonies at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame! And next year I can eat and drink like a normal person!


OK so it is not 7:15 AM but I posted to the wrong post... Great details, Mysti! Are you a writer or something?


Here is my misdirected posting:

Fab photos! I love the arches. The one with that tiny person gives a sense of size and the dino neck was like soaring into space. AP looks more awake at 7:15 AM than any human ought... Miss you all and especially breakfast with the LadyKillers but keep the tales of b'con coming!

Camille Minichino

Thanks, Mysti. Makes me wish I'd signed up! There's nothing like the buzz of books, readers, and writers, all in one bustling place.

Well, Left Coast is not that far off!

Susan C Shea

CLEVELAND?! I'd better not say more, there are probably wonderful readers of LK who love or are at least loyal to the city. Good report, Mysti, and it brings back happy memories of the 2 BCons I've been to so far - Baltimore and SF. (I've also been to St. Louis, but never got as close to the arch as you did - thanks for the photos.)

Mysti Berry

Susan, Priscilla, Camille, I really hope you can attend next year. There just weren't enough Bay Area Broads to really make it crazy :)

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