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October 25, 2011


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Terry Shames

In addition to read, read, read--write, write, write.

Susan C Shea

Oh, yes, Terry. I'm only dealing with outside sources for advice. There's no substitute for pen to paper, or, more likely, fingertips to keyboard!


Great advice! Two of my favorite books on "HowTo" are "You Can Write Mystery" by Gillian Roberts and "How to Write Killer Historical Mysteries" by Kathy Lynn Emerson. Book Passage in Corte Madera CA also has the best conferences on writing around. I got so much out of them.


I have a few bones to pick with McKee's interpretation of the structure of Casablanca. My first inspiration was John Gardner's Art of Fiction, but he seems to have fallen out of favor. Annie Lamont's Bird by Bird kept me from giving up.

I agree--reading mindfully has no substitute. It's the rare book now that can keep me reading so deeply that I don't try to figure out how they did that...

Camille Minichino

The Art of Fiction took me a semester to minor (not master!) and well worth it. I have shelves of writing books, as I'm sure many do, and each one gives me something different.

Our own Margaret Lucke has a great addition to the set: Writing Mysteries.

It's such a personal thing, but there is something for everyone.

Susan C Shea

Thanks for the writing advice book suggestions Priscilla, Camille, and Mysti. I should have highlighted Peggy Lucke's book and will slap myself with a wet noodle in punishment.

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