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December 27, 2011


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Camille Minichino

Delightful review, Priscilla. The Santa Fe LadyKillers breakfast was a highlight for me, too, and not just because of the great French toast!

Thanks for the reminder to celebrate the "survivals"; my own "high rants" tend to go on too long!


One of the (many, if you like cats) advantages of having a Siamese (or part thereof) is that she can outrant me. One full-blown yeowl and suddenly politics gets put in perspective, usually in relation to the empty chow bowl...

Susan C Shea

Priscilla, No glass half empty for you - I enjoyed your description of some of the happy outcomes of 2011 in your life. May 2012 be even brighter!


Thank you, Susan. My very best wishes to all the LadyKillers for a healthy and prosperous (in so many ways!) 2012. I have enjoyed being part of this group and look forward to more getting together and reading all your blogs.

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