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February 03, 2012


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jonnie jacobs

Loved the stories, Rita. I so envy people like you who can focus and write in coffee houses etc. Me, I'm too busy eavesdropping to write.

Susan Shea

Impressive, Rita. I'm so distracted by cats these days (my own and the foster one with whom she's establishing her prime position) that I think I need to go find a spot. I'm not sure I can concentrate as well as you, but your story gives me hope and inspiration to try.

Margaret Lucke

I once took a writing seminar where some of the sessions were held in a coffeehouse to help us realize that it's possible to focus on our work in any environment. I'm not sure that strategy worked in my case, but it did reinforce that connection of writing with food. :-)

penny warner

A bar! Why didn't I think of that!
Great post, Rita!

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