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February 15, 2012


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Lynette K.

What a perfect explanation of cozy mysteries. This humor also explains why I enjoy your books so much.


Cozies may keep you up all night--reading. But thrillers leave you hoping you won't fall asleep.

penny warner

Lynette, you're too kind! Guess I'll keep on writing them!

penny warner

Good point, Liz! So what should I read when I have insomnia and WANT to get to sleep?


hee hee... I love the illustrations you used too!

Carole Price

Love, love, love it. Love the comic illustrations. You've cleared up all confusion between cozies and thrillers.

Gigi Pandian

What a fun list! The only point I'd differ with is that a cozy has to take place in a small town. A cozy needs a small down "feel" but can still be set in a city. Some of my favorite cozies are set in cities -- such as San Francisco's Treasure Island... ;)

(I don't think my first attempt went through, so apologies if this appears twice!)

penny warner

Carole, that may be clearer now, but I'm still confused about the difference between chick lit and cougar lit....

penny warner

Gigi, you got me there!


Penny--a legal opinion, of course!

Cathy Akers-Jordan

What fun comparison! I'd add that cozies are character-driven while thrillers are plot-driven.

Oh, and Harlan Coben's thrillers are always about an ordinary guy and a family in trouble. To me, that makes them even more compelling than the "larger stage" thrillers.

Have fun in San Francisco!

Cathy AJ

penny warner

Hi Cathy,
Harlan is one of my favorites, from early on when he was writing more "cozy" type mysteries featuring Myron the Sports Agent.
And you're right about character vs plot driven.

Sharan Newman

Now I'll know how to tell someone what kind of books I write. Thanks for the clear explanation!

penny warner

Sharan - Ha! Feel free to take liberties.....

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