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February 04, 2012


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Mysti, I have the same problem with noise when I try to work in my home office. I think it's because I expect it to be quiet, whereas when I go to a cafe or some such place, I already know it's going to be noisy.
Congrats on reaching the final draft!

Mysti Berry

Thanks, Staci! It's starting to get exciting ;)

Camille Minichino

Can't wait to see it! Putting in a bid to blurb it!

Mysti Berry

You're my first choice, Camille! It does need a bit more math...I'm working on it :)


I like music in the background, but not wailing children or cursing spouses... ;-) Mysti: Have you tried using "noise reduction" earphones when you have no choice but to work at home?
(I can't throw people out... it's a suburban wasteland out there, and they'd have nowhere to go. Ah, for a coffeehouse on the corner!)
Looking forward to your book! I absolutely cannot WAIT! :-D

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