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March 10, 2012


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Camille Minichino

Thanks for the shout out, Staci! I like the idea of a main character who sits on her couch and reads. All kinds of things can happen when she reaches under the cushion, for example, or the light goes out . . .


Hmmm. Hobby mysteries. Well, you mentioned miniature mysteries, and then there's the mathematics professor who creates puzzles in her spare time. :-) And I'm with Camille. A protagonist that "stays put" on the couch would be something different! Or a gamer? Is there a series with a protagonist who does online gaming for a hobby?


Camille, I could write a whole book about what's under my couch cushions. The mystery would be to figure out what some of the items really are. = )
Ann, I don't know of any such series, but there definitely could be one. An avatar could be killed online, and then the actual person murdered in the real world. The detective could use her online social connections to track down the killer. I like it!

penny warner

What do you do when your hobby is writing???

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