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March 31, 2012


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By the way, that "going Hollywood" is a joke! Craig is as funny, friendly, and down to earth as he ever was. My favorite Shakespeare-quoting cowboy.


Thank you, Mysti -- you're so nice! And it was great to meet you too face to face!
LCC was my first conference, and I have to say my favorite part was meeting so many wonderful people, both writers and readers. As you say, going to the conference was a great reminder of just how much people love to read.
Congratulations to Ann for her big win with Mercury's Rise!!!

Susan Shea

WOOHOO!!! LadyKillers rocks! But I'm not telling who won...I'll leave that for the Webmistresses. Three nominees were LK, though, so we're cheering everyone today.

Michael A. Black

I'm glad the Ladykillers were well represented at LCC. It's a great conference and always lots of fun. Hope to see you next year in Colorado.

Chase Campbell

Fab news! The Ladykillers are ruling! That's a great conference except the stuff you have mentioned above for a writer and a reader. There are plenty of great people to meet there! Can't wait the next one next year!

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