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April 18, 2012


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And a belated thank you for doing this, Camille. I suspect there were some of those women who were very grateful to you "nuisances".

Camille Minichino

Thanks, Priscilla. I often think of the women, a couple in particular who made a big impression on me.


Are any of your confederates still actively engaged in such efforts?

Camille Minichino

Not that I know of, Liz. The number of younger Sisters in the order is approaching single digits. At one time, there were 2000+ of us in the Boston area alone.

Camille Minichino

I should add that the Sisters who are still active do many similar types of volunteer activities all over the world.

Susan Shea

Leave it to you, Camille, to have yet another fascinating piece of personal history to share. I know some writers and artists who work with prison classes here and they say it's a great experience.

Camille Minichino

You definitely learn as much as you teach, Susan - though that's almost always true.

kathy a.

camille, you know this story warms my heart! thank you. i'm sure that it made such a difference to the women. and to bring art and learning to such a grim place was surely a miracle.

i particularly love how you framed this -- that the administrators/jailers were scarier than the inmates -- because that is true, but not how most people would guess.


Hats off to you, Camille! I enjoyed learning about another facet of your life. Fortunately, the folks at San Quentin were much friendlier.

Camille Minichino

They didn't think of you as a bad influence on the residents, Vinnie!



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