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April 17, 2012


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Wow, a tour of San Quentin sounds absolutely fascinating. Your description made me feel like I was actually there!


Wow... interesting! So the prisoners can request new roommates? Sounds like college. Kind of. Well, not really, I suppose. :-}

Susan Shea

Thanks for the tour, Vinnie. I drive by it all the time and always wished I knew what it was like behind the gates. You did a great job describing for us. I hope we get to do another program together this year!


Thanks, Staci. To keep my piece blog-length, I left out the details of the museum tour--the noose used for the last hanging (1942), an "Oregon Boot" and a real ball and chain!


I'm sure it's an educational experience, Ann. :)

Carol Vogan

Dear Sister Vinnie!
I am so proud of you! I have toured a few prisons here in Colorado, one of which is now a museum. Whenever I hear that door clang shut, I vow, "I'll be good!" Can't wait for the next Carol Sabala book to come out!
See you in June.
Love, Nudz

Judith Feinman

Your writing made me feel that I was there too! We toured Alcatraz and had our audio phones on, we were standing in a cell when the sound of the cell door closing made me jump about a foot off the floor!.


Dear Sister Nudz,

Thank you for visiting the site! Is the prison museum near Colorado Springs? A tour of a prison or prison museum would make a great Left Coast Crime activity in 2013.


We visited Alcatraz when we first arrived in the States and it made me feel deeply uncomfortable. Your piece took me right back there.


What a fascinating story, Vinnie, and so well told. Thanks for visiting us!


You give us a glimpse into a world that few of see. It made me curious to see and hear more through your eyes. It is a world that operates on very different norms from our own.


What a terrific tour with so few words- but very well chosen ones!

Rich Cowan

A well written and informative article Vinnie! It made me very curious about San Quentin and caused me to Google more information about it. I was surprised to learn that although San Quentin still has a "Death Row", there have been no executions for last 6 years due to a de facto moratorium in California on the death penalty. I think we're making progress!

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