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April 05, 2012


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Evelyn David

Thanks so much for hosting us today.

Just spotted a typo (OY!). Should read: In our first two mystery series, the main female characters were making life choices in the MIDST of solving mysteries

Of course, it could be bad weather too :-)

Thanks again,

Marian and Rhonda, the collective Evelyn David


I've found that when I make thoughtful and well-planned choices, they're usually the same ones my gut was telling me all along. I should really learn to save myself the angst and just go with my gut. = )
Maggie sounds like a very compelling character, and I'm interested to see what sorts of choices she makes!


The first story of Evelyn David I read was "I Try Not to Drive Past Cemeteries." It was tons of fun and I look forward to reading more. This new one sounds intriguing.

A Facebook User

Thanks so much Staci and CKC for stopping by today. Be sure to send us an email at evelyndavid@evelyndavid.com if you'd like to be in the drawing for a free copy of Zoned for Murder. Also until midnight on April 6, the second book in the Brianna Sullivan Mysteries series, the Dog Days of Summer in Lottawatah is free at Amazon.

Evelyn David

Penny Tuttle

Choices and Second Choices - I like that - when I was growing up, choices for women were pretty limited - I've enjoyed seeing those choices multiply over time and even been able to take advantage of new opportunities. I love watching characters make choices. Thanks for the fun interview.

pennyt at hotmail dot com

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