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May 22, 2012


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Bryn Greenwood

I have a cataleptic fear of organizing/hosting parties that don't even involve me as the center of attention. My fear of being the center of attention? Ack! I applaud your brave endeavors. (I would have said "fearless," but bravery is not fearless.)


I hope you checked out the Youtube -- I should have provided an embed code for that. It's about when book events go very, very wrong...

Dana Fredsti

I feel I AM perfect in every way, but dammit, I did not get my diamond studded genie bottle! Maybe it's 'cause Barbara Eden's son is actually kind of dead...

Agreed re: that event, although I tend to have fun no matter how weird/bad/unattended they might be...


Oh jeez, generic viagra is back. They always have something to say...
In any case, sounds like you are having a whole lot of fun! Hope to see your and Dana's event up in Berkeley next week. Fingers crossed!


Ann, hope to see you there! Maybe if we're lucky, Turban Guy will show up!


Ann, FYI, the Dark Carnival event has been postponed -- but we'll be at the SinC showcase in Orinda!


Oh! I was planning on attending the showcase... see you there, then, unless total catastrophe takes over the Parker household...

Liza Burgess

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