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May 30, 2012


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Loved this, Camille! Especially the black bar over the dog's eyes.


What a great story, Camille! You're so fortunate to have an insider to answer all your questions.
And I second your thanks for the selfless dedication of people in law enforcement.

rita lakin

Leave it to Camille to just toss in Uncle Salvie and cousin Butch in your bookie days and just leave it dangling there without further explanation.
I LOL'd.

Classic Minichino

your fan,

Camille Minichino

Thanks Priscilla and Staci.
Rita, Uncle Salvie and Cousin Butch want their own blog some day!


Great post, thanks Camille! I'll be smiling all day...


How lucky to have your own cop-on-call! I do have a Civil War re-enactor I can turn to with my questions w/out fear of being called dumb... Much the same thing: always helpful and a great guy!

Michael A. Black

Thanks for pointing out that cops are human too, Camille. I'm sure your guy is delighted to help such a creative and talented person as you.

Camille Minichino

And I should have added the speed with which you came to my aid recently, Mike! Thanks so much.

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