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May 25, 2012


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Camille Minichino

Congratulations on the success of the library funding project .

I want to add that another service writers can provide is facilitating a library book group. They're fun and often are one of the few programs for adults.

The Hercules Library sounds like a wonderful place and you're a great spokeswoman, Peggy!


Great suggestions, thanks!

Margaret Lucke

A library book group is a great idea, Camille. I know you've done these with great success.

And thanks, Mysti!

Lillian Castillo-Speed

Thanks for telling the mystery world about our great library. Well done!

Margaret Lucke

Thank you, Lily, for the kind words and for stopping by.

Gail Wood

I love this post about library goodness and the community support! Libraries are such a strong part of freedoms we have and should not take for granted. They could go away but thanks to community passion and generosity, yours rocks!,

Fabulous. And as a longtime librarian, I thank the stars for you and people like you.

Michael A. Black

It's great that you gave a tip of your hat to libraries. They do so much and are so underappreciated. I've always loved them. I wrote my first two books at the public libray, going there every night for months. If there's one thing I learned, if you don't know something, ask your reference librarian.


Three cheers for the unsung heros of our democratic system: librarians! As for Hercules PL in particular, it is my favorite browsing local.

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