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May 17, 2012


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It's probably a good thing my books are set in current time. I'd get so wrapped up in reading old newspapers and books from the time period that I'd forget to actually write my own book. You must have so much fun reading all those things!


Hi Staci!
Yep, it's fun. And distracting. :-} And I sometimes get the dates wrong for slang... but try to check the etymology for all the terms before the draft is "final."

sharan newman

I loved the irrigate, fumigate... one can only speculate on what comes next!


Hi Sharan! -- I love it too! Another thing: the little phrase: "You bet!" shows up in a lot of slangy dialogue. I wonder if it meant something or is like the 1960s throwaway word "man" that was inserted regularly in every sentence...


You have a far harder time, Ann. No one really knows how anyone spoke in common conversation in the 13th century. Or in Rome during Julius Caesar for that matter... I do love the fumigate and irrigate! And I can hardly wait for Silver Rush #5...

Moe aka @biggirlblue

Hi Ann,

Just making the rounds and wanted to pop over and see what you were up to. :D

Hope all is well in cyberland and beyond.


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