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June 25, 2012


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Michael A. Black

Sounds like you've got some lofty ambitions. It's inspiring to hear your plans. Good luck

Mary Anna

I figure it's good to aim high and miss. The worst thing would be to aim low and still miss.


If you visit Italy, in Vatican City you'll find something close to native Latin speakers. They even have ATMs with instructions in Latin :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Vatican_latin_atm.jpg

Susan Shea

I like your list and your optimism in setting it out. Why not? I just went to a lunch where the speaker made the entire audience cringe when she said new research suggests people may start living to 150 soon. "Not us," everyone at our table murmured prayerfully!


Some wonderful things on your list! I like the idea of you getting together with the grear-great grands. They will be very lucky ones indeed.

Mary Anna

I don't want to live to 150, unless I'm still having a good time. If my life is still fun for me and not an excessive burden on others, then I guess 150 would be fine.

Paolo, my daughter is preparing to apply to universities where she could study classical languages and literature. She is a very, very good Latin student, so she would really love those ATMs. :)


So you and your daughter are getting ready for college? What fun!
My daughter will be starting in the fall. Makes me wish I could go back as well. Hmm. Maybe I ought to add that to my list!

Mary Anna

Come study with me! ;)

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