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June 28, 2012


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Camille Minichino

LOVE that article in Innovation, Ann! Serendipity rules.

And I understand wanting to live somewhere you can now just visit -- I hope that changes for you.


Hmm...call me overly perceptive, but I get the sense you want to live in Colorado. = )
Congratulations on your Innovation article!

Susan Shea

Life has a way of granting us what we can visualize, as long as we work for it! Time and time, in my previous careers, when I could see my dream next step clearly, feel it, and articulate it...voila, it happened. I think our subconscious minds are powerful tools, so while you might not want to pack today, I'm guessing the time will come. And in the meantime, congratulations on getting picked up by a prestigious journal.


Camille: I figured you would understand about "living here, dreaming there." :-)
Thank you, Staci! It's definitely one for LinkedIn.
Hi Susan! Yep, I keep chugging along. Someday, maybe.

Dani Greer

So. Ann. Have you applied for a job in Boulder?

Michael A. Black

Colorado . . . the character Ricky Nelson played in Rio Bravo. I visited Denver once and the thin air gave my a constant headache for two days. When I finally started to feel better I ran up a flight of stairs and felt like I'd run a marathon. I don't know, Ann, I think I'll stick to watching the old movie.

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