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June 29, 2012


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Sally Berneathy

I'm with you on 4, 9 and 10! Also want to return to Texas and to write a best-selling expose about my years with the Max Monster!

Warren Bull

I would like to recover my Spanish. Not using it, I'm losing it.

I would like to learn to sing. All my siblings do. I could If I really worked at it.

I have a complicated novel in mind that needs extensive research.

I would like to form an in-person critique group.

I would like to create a character who could support a series of novels.

Camille Minichino

Welcome, Linda! Such an impressive list -- it makes me want to adjust mine!

Having met you at Malice, and felt your energy, I have no doubt you'll check these off and start a new set. Best wishes!

Faith Wylie

Ambitious list! Interesting how many things on our bucket lists are tied to our roots and our passions. And it's a little daunting to be on the other side of 50 and realize that the list is still growing.

Linda Rodriguez

Sally, you will return to Texas. I know that. It's in your blood.

Thanks for stopping by!

Linda Rodriguez

Warren, I had no idea you were a singer!

Yes, languages go dormant on us if we don't have an opportunity to use them regularly and a lot. They mean more to me as I grow older, too.

Your complicated novel sounds like my Vietnam book.

Thanks for stopping by!

Linda Rodriguez

Camille, I envy you. Anyone who has turned every part of her life into a different mystery series is someone I want to be like when I grow up.

I really enjoyed being on the panel with you at Malice, too!

Linda Rodriguez

Faith, being on the other side of 50 and finding new things for your bucket list is just a way of showing yourself that you're a long way from finished. I hope I'm adding new ones when I'm 90--just nothing with mountain-climbing or bungee-jumping. :-)

Thanks for stopping by!


Great list, Linda... very inspiring! :-) I shall have to re-visit my "one note" top ten, and think more about all this.

Linda Rodriguez

Thanks, Ann! Though I really enjoyed your "one note" top ten. :-)

Susan Shea

Hi and welcome, Linda. I have to read your prizewinning novel and, after reading your list, I know it's going to be pretty terrific. I agree about the visualization thing - it focuses our subconscious, I think. I haven't made a list like this in awhile and yours - and everyone's this week - has me thinking. Best of luck with ALL the writing projects!

Linda Rodriguez

Thanks, Susan, for the wishes for luck. I can always use good luck. I've been sold on the visualization thing for years. Sometimes I think it's the only reason I manage to do some things that are difficult. Good luck with your own list!

rita lakin

Welcome Linda. Great list.
Who is your cover artist? I love the cover.

Rita Lakin

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