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June 22, 2012


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Those figures ($1.35 billion!!!) are impressive. Makes me want to try my hand at a romance novel. If only I could write those scenes without giggling...

Carole Price

Very informative article. There's one chapter in TWISTED VINES that had my critique group wiping their brow. Personally, I didn't understand why, but if anyone does read it, I'd sure like to know what they thought about it. It was an easy chapter for me to write. Not sure what that means.

Another gray area: TV is a suspense novel. Kirkus liked it but said not much mystery. What's the difference between suspense and a mystery?

Margaret Lucke

Staci, it's the giggling that makes those scenes fun to write! ;-)

Carole, you can get a lively discussion going on the difference between suspense versus mystery. My own (and much oversimplified) take is that a mystery is about answering questions--who, how, why--after a crime is committed. A suspense novel focuses more on trying to deal with a crime or horrible occurrence that's looming in the future. Of course many novels involve both kinds of plots, which blurs the boundaries between those two genres. That's one reason I like the term crime fiction, which encompasses mysteries, suspense novels, thrillers, and more.

Carole Price

Thanks, Margaret. That clears up my dilemma over the difference nicely. Mine is definitely suspense.

Michael A. Black

$1.35 BILLION in sales! Frankly, my dear, it sounds like those romance readers DO give a damn. (Apologies to Rhett Butler.)

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