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June 23, 2012


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The SF RWA chapter sounds absolutely wonderful. What a dedicated and supportive group!

Rachael Herron



you're way too modest, mysti! YOU are the best thing to happen to SFRWA lately!!

AJ Larrieu

I feel the same way about SFA-RWA. Wonderful, supportive group of women. Great post! ;)

Michael A. Black

Your post reaffirms what I've long believed: good writing is good writing regardless of the genre. One of my most influential mentors is a romance writer (Patricia Rosemoor).

Lisa Hughey

Mysti!! So excited the book is in final draft!! :) SFA-RWA *is* an amazing organization with amazing productive, supportive members. So glad you joined. :) :)

penny warner

I want to join!

Julio Sporer

In 1980, RWA had 37 authors in the romance genre (including Rita Clay Estrada and Parris Afton Bonds). I wonder how many writers they have today. The last I heard of them was in 2007. Then, they had 9,000 members, and 2,000 of these members have had books published. Isn't that awesome? :)


Super awesome! I'm pretty sure the conference tops 10,000 attendees?

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