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July 27, 2012


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Camille Minichino

Sounds like you made the most of a great opportunity, Peggy!

Shift the venue to somewhere in Midtown Manhattan, and I'm in!

Susan Shea

Sounds great! I was in that very general area this summer and you make me want to go right back. The wonder is that you got anything done. I am so easily distracted by beauty outdoors. No computers, so you wrote with pen and pencil? Odd, but I can't compose that way any more. I have to key it onto a screen. I like the idea of a writing retreat, tho.

Margaret Lucke

Camille, I'll happily join you in Manhattan. But I think the distractions are even greater there, especially in the evenings.

Susan, today we'd probably bring laptops but they weren't so common back then. It's amazing what can be accomplished with paper and pen when that's what's available.


Love the idea of a writers retreat. Sounds like these were very productive vacations for you, Peggy! I imagine doing it as a group keeps everyone "on track."

Michael A. Black

I rememeber meeting the great Ray Bradbury and he told a story about when he was writing the screenplay for Moby Dick. They put him up in a small cottage in Ireland and all he could do was read and write. Your retreat sounds like a great idea, but sooner or later I'd be wondering what I was missing on the news.

Margaret Lucke

Michael, we didn't miss the news a bit. Well, some people missed hearing how the Forty-Niners were doing. But it was a presidential election year, and it was no loss to be away from the negative campaigning. And unlike Bradbury, we found plenty to do--explore the countryside, learn a little of the history and language, sample the arts and culture, partake of the local food and wine. Never a dull moment.


Thanks for posting! Sounds like a wonderful opportunity to write in a peaceful and calm setting. I would love that. The last vacation I went on was a family ski trip to Vail. Although it was fun, I would love to do something like this!

Margaret Lucke

Cecilia, I hope you get a similar opportunity sometime -- though skiing in Vail is pretty wonderful too.

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