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July 31, 2012


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Gayle Trent/Amanda Lee

Great advice!

Michael A. Black

Susan, what a great bit of advice. You summed up in a few sentences what it's taken me years to learn. I loved the writing tips, especially about "writing forward." So many new writers lose momentum by getting caught in a loop of constant revision. Your advice was excellent


Susan, I love your advice about setting measurable goals. I've found that when I don't have a finish line in sight for the day, I flounder around and get a lot less done. I need goals to keep me focused.

Susan Shea

Gayle, Since all of this advice came from other, excellent writers, I don't take any credit for it!

Susan Shea

Michael, Of course it took me years to learn too, and I still stumble. What is perhaps best about these perspectives is that other authors have shared them so willingly and so generously. We work in a wonderful, supportive community, don't we?

Susan Shea

Staci, Exactly! Same for me. I need something to aim for!

Terry Shames

I've been going through a "flail" period, where I am working every day but not feeling productive. I think "setting the goal" is the problem. Thanks for the reminder!

Susan Shea

Terry, I have too many of those days, alas. I think the last version of this excellent advice came from a blog column by crime writer Hank Philippi Ryan, who obviously makes her goals as an Emmy Award winning daily journalist.

Camille Minichino

You can't edit what's not written. (I think I saw it on a bumper sticker.)

Even if you're not "inspired," just sit down and get those words on the screen. No matter what they are, they can be edited and made to fit your WIP But if the screen is blank, it stays that way.

Not very profound, but it has gotten me through a few rough blackouts!

Susan Shea

So true, Camille. It can be like pulling teeth, but words on the page are where it begins!

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