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July 24, 2012


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Camille Minichino

Any tips on that irresponsible floating, Priscilla? Some turn-off valve? A pill?


Wine country...

Camille Minichino

I used to fake it at Communion -- don't like wine.


Rarely drink it anymore myself for many reasons but still love the smell of a winery. That said, I am all too fond of some restaurants up there....


I'd love to discover a "turn-off" valve. Any suggestions? (Besides the wine country. Wine = migraines. :-} )
In thinking about this, I don't believe I've had a "real" vacation (aka, away from writing, thinking about writing, researching for writing, promoting the writing) in a loooooong time...


My best suggestion is Oxbow Public Market in Napa next door to the old Copia off First Street near the Wine Train. Wine not obligatory!

Penny Imes

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Kitty Dunes

I understand how you feel. Being a writer myself, I do feel the need to go on a vacation because though it is my passion to write, it just exhausts and drain me. It also gives me time to come up with new ideas and inspiration.


One of a writer's best tools is the subconscious, but that can't do its job if it is drowned out by phones, stress, multitasking and all that sort of stuff. We often confuse frantic action with efficiency but staring into space is part of a writer's work.

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