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July 28, 2012


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Susan Shea

Staci, Don't beat yourself up. Vacation is supposed to mean just that! If you're writing, are you really on vacation? Plus, Legoland requires all your attention - I get that. ;-)


I agree with Susan...
And I think a monthly vacation is a worthy goal! Especially with a 24/7 job like being a mother put on top of everything else! :-)


Susan, that's so true. Legoland has miniature buildings and full-sized animals--made out of Legos, of course--tucked away in every spare corner and bit of landscaping. I couldn't concentrate on anything except spotting all of them!


Ann, maybe I should make a monthly vacation my New Year's resolution for 2013. Of course, they might be really short vacations, but any vacation is still a vacation!

Michael A. Black

It sounds lke a Legoland vacation would necessiate another vacation just to recover.


Ha! So true, Michael. I feel that way about a lot of vacations.

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