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August 25, 2012


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I'm a big fan of do-overs!


Put that way, I have to say the virtual world sounds pretty darn awesome to me, too! :-) My problem: the controllers (Wii, PS) totally elude me. I've had my kids patiently show me how to make a virtual character jump, get on a horse, shoot a gun, run away, etc. etc., and I just can't get my hands around it.
Ah well. Guess I'll stick to books! ;-)


I agree, Mysti! Wouldn't it be nice if we all got a do-over every now and again?


I have that problem too, Ann. Some of those combo moves are ridiculously hard. I think my six year old has an easier time than I do. = )


I agree the appeal of virtual reality is that it provides a distraction from the everyday life and opens up a world of limitless possibilities.


I can understand why virtual reality games are popular. You can live in a world you would never be able to. I think sometimes though people play video games instead of living a actual awesome life. Instead of accomplishing something by beating a game why not accomplish something in real life?

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