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August 30, 2012


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Camille Minichino

Great story, Hannah. I notice the sword did get shorter!
I hope your telephone # is unlisted -- or maybe you do want to meet your male fan base.


Great post about the covers, I totally agree with how different the Sophie is on the cover compared to the Sophie in the book. But none the less I love the covers and the new one is great! I cant wait to read what Sophie gets herself into in Under the Gun.


It sounds like the cover did its job of pulling readers in! :-) They are GREAT covers ... Is that black leather I see? ;-)


It is fun to see how a artist seems your characters. When you write a book nobody knows what the characters look like. You may have written details in the book about the physical characteristics of the characters but that is a definite illustration of them. When a artist designs you a front cover. You get to see how he or she in visions how the characters look. I think that is really neat.

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