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August 27, 2012


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Camille Minichino

Looking forward to the September release, Michael, and also to Vachss (big fan).

I saw the cover of my first book on amazon before I got a copy myself! Loved it, but then it was my first.


Loved looking at all the covers and reading your accompanying commentary. I agree that Deliverance looks like a story about a bucolic vacation down a river... What a surprise to those who just a book by its cover, eh?
My publisher always asks for my input... a fact I love. But then, since I'm always looking through photo archives for research for my historicals, I keep an eye out for nifty images I think would be good cover material.

Susan Shea

The cover signals the type of book to me. Most of the covers you used as illustration, Michael, struck me as "male" stories - you know, tough guys who will hammer it out? The other end of the crime spectrum is story illustrations, prevalent for cozies. Historicals are easy to get, but then there's a whole group that doesn't signal content as directly - they catch my eye in the store although I'm guessing the marketing folk would say they're problematic.


I think that someone else designing on the cover of your book can be a good thing. Combined creativity can be better then separate creativity.

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