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August 20, 2012


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Mary Anna, you make an excellent point. Man has always used his/her imagination to dream up people and places, and the virtual reality of the computer world is merely an extension of that. Great blog!


Very thoughtful post, Mary Anna... limited caffeine intake or not. :-) Of course, "real" has always been subject to being twisted by the mass of tissue we call a brain. Dreams? Hallucinations? Visions? Maybe no one else sees them, but our bodies react as if what we "see" is real.
So, do we have to be able to pound on it to make it real? What about love and hate, then?
Okay, enough late-night philosophizing here on the West Coast...

Mary Anna Evans

Thanks, y'all. I am currently in caffeine-input mode so that I can respond to your comments semi-coherently. :)

If I thought too much about the fact that I can really count on nothing except for the fact that the mass of pink jelly inside my skull is telling me things that may or may not reflect what is happening outside my skull, then it would take more than caffeine to get me going in the morning. And if that thought messed with everybody else's personal cup of Yahtzee dice, I apologize profoundly as I raise this can of Coke in your direction. Cheers!


Og and Olga got to me. Makes perfect sense. Thank you, Mary Anna for a delightful posting.

Mary Anna Evans

I think maybe I'll let Og and Olga write all my future posts.

Oh, wait. Silly me. They can't write.


It's going to get to the point where people won't meet up any more. They will have cyber meet ups. With the communication access we have with the internet we have become less intimate with our friends and peers.

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